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What Makes Picture Coin Special

Picture Coin is a high-paying image sharing site where you can make money by simply sharing your images! Register and upload your images then instantly receive a link for each to share. When a visitor views your image, your account will be instantly credited! Ready to start?

More Ways To Help You Make Money

Picture Coin is more than an image sharing site! We will be adding fun new ways for you to rapidly increase your earnings. Such as competitions, surveys, videos and more. We will keep you up to date with the latest ways you can make extra money on Picture Coin.

Turbo Charge Your Earnings

Turbo charge your earnings using our fantastic referral system. Along with the classic referral system, if a visitor from any image you upload & share signs up after visiting your image, they are counted as a referral. This dramatically increases your referral income!

$1/1000views FOR all countries

Recieve $1 for every thousand views you bring to your images you get cretited per-view and the minimum payout is $0.01!

Get 20% OF Referral Earnings

Receive 20% of your referral earnings! For example, if you have 30 referrals and they make $10 each, you make $60!

to make money

See the fun new ways to make even more money on Picture Coin just by signing up and logging in!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use an automatic traffic exchanger? No, it will not be credited and can result in a ban.
  • How long will I have to wait for my payment? Payments are sent out weekly, on Fridays.
  • How long do CPA payments take? All CPA payments are sent out on a net30 basis.
  • How many accounts can I have? Currently you can only have one account per household.
  • Can I upload the same picture multiple times? No, that is against our rules and can result in a ban.
  • Are Proxies allowed? No, that is against our rules and can result in a ban.
  • Can I upload Adult Images? No, we currently do not support adult content and it will result in a ban.
  • Can’t find your question? Feel free to Contact Us.